All Ashore for Canoe Journey 2016

by Heidi Smith / August 11. 2016

On July 30th, more than 120 canoes representing 50 Pacific Northwest tribes arrived at Port of Olympia. In their native languages, they ask permission to land, and the hosts of this year’s Paddle to Nisqually Canoe Journey happily obliged. The paddlers stepped ashore, and in their wake, an estimated 18,000 visitors followed. That was Landing […]

Healthy Tips for Women with High-stress Jobs

by Heidi Smith / August 11. 2016

For professional women with high-stress jobs, the moment of homecoming at the end of a long day can be a minefield. “Your body and mind are looking for some way to decompress and you’re surrounded by unhealthy foods, wine and other temptations,” says Amber Thiel, CEO and founder of The Healthy Edge in Tacoma. “You’re […]

hospital coordinated care New Program Transforming Care at Summit Pacific Medical Center

by Heidi Smith / August 11. 2016

Ashley Smith, BSN has a vision of how healthcare could look twenty years from now. “My goal would be for health and wellness to be completely integrated into every person rather than us going around and telling people why it’s important to be healthy,” she says. “Health would be ingrained in everyone, including kids.” Read […]

SPSCC’s Pathways Program Expanding to Main Campus

by Heidi Smith / August 11. 2016

The end of a quarter usually means final exams, but for students in South Puget Sound Community College’s Pathways program, it was an opportunity to demonstrate their understanding in a different way. After months of integrated studies team-taught by two instructors, they explained what they had learned at a program-wide conference. Read More

Olympia Pet Emergency Provides ER for Injured and Sick Animals

by Heidi Smith / August 11. 2016

It’s a pet owner’s worst nightmare: your dog gets injured late at night on a holiday weekend and needs to be treated right away but your regular veterinary office is closed. Attempting to quell rising panic, you search online and discover a small miracle, right in your own backyard – Olympia Pet Emergency.  READ MORE

How Connecting Across Faiths Gives Insight Into Your Own

by Heidi Smith / October 21. 2015

For anyone who finds it odd that people from different faiths want to learn about each other, Jasbir Arora has a different perspective. “I don’t feel like there are too many differences between the ways our religions think,” he says.  “The way we are saying it is different, but we’re saying the same thing.” As […]

High School Student Fights Prejudice and Ignorance Through Dialogue

by Heidi Smith / October 9. 2015

High school student Nisha Arya was sitting in a history class when a fellow student decided to voice his opinion. “He said, ‘Muslims should either give up their religion or they deserve what they’re getting [from ISIS and similar groups].’ I couldn’t believe it,” she says.  “That made me want to get involved in dialogue […]

Sharing Hugs, Samosas and Faith at PICYF

by Heidi Smith / October 4. 2015

Hugs and samosas. Those are just two examples of what gets shared when people come together to learn about each other’s traditions at the Philadelphia Interfaith Children & Youth Festival. “The Mormons are usually positioned next to the Sikhs at the festival and we’ve became fast friends,” says Steffanie Anderson, who has been participating with […]

 Three Women’s Hopes and Inspiration for PICYF 2015

by Heidi Smith / October 1. 2015

Rosalind McKelvey, Stephanie Johnson, and Neomosha Nelson have a lot in common. All have daughters; all are actively involved in their respective churches; and each of them works to serve society in some way, whether through feeding the homeless or ministering to the deaf and disabled. So it should come as no surprise that these […]

For One Teen, Interfaith Festival Leads to New Career Path

by Heidi Smith / September 22. 2015

If you weren’t sure whether the Philadelphia Interfaith Children & Youth Festival changes lives, just ask Alex Muller. After four years of participating in the event and working with founder Neomosha Nelson on social media, he’s come to a realization: he wants to work with children.“Becoming more involved with the festival has given me a […]